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Utility Helicopter Services

Since 2009, VSHelicopters has been serving South Central Alaska by offering a wide range of utility helicopter services. These include gear and crew transport, external loads, oil and gas, telecommunications, wildlife management, remote construction, aerial photography, videography, and much more. Our helicopters are equipped with cargo racks and belly hooks for long line or external load work. Our pilots have extensive local flight knowledge and, for any Alaskan task, we are your vertical solution. Read our full capabilities statement.

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Telecommunications Support

Since the company’s inception, VSHelicopters has been serving the South Central Alaska Telecom Industry. VSHelicopters provides exceptional utility capabilities to the telecom sector, from scouting areas for proposed sites, to mobilization, construction, and continued maintenance. VSHelicopters will be with you every step of the way providing top-level service during all stages of your project.

Remote Operations

Wherever your operation takes you, VSHelicopters is there to help. From ship side to mountain top, we can sling all of your equipment in and out of your remote job site. We have a complete inventory of nets, slings, barrel hooks and lines to accomplish the job at hand. VSHelicopters is a 135/133 Air Carrier with FAA approved operating specifications in all 50 states and Canada.

Aerial Media

Our aerial platform supports, film, video and photographic professionals from around the world. We have served Production Companies, Advertising Professionals, Construction Documentation, Oil Spill Documentation, and a multitude of photographic ventures.

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“The team at VSHelicopters played a vital role in supporting my firm’s successful execution of a remote project for the USCG, at the Cape Hinchinbrook Lighthouse. The team at VS were responsive, proactive, and performed their duties beyond our expectations and always delivered a service based on strong safety culture and a customer service business model.”


— Chris Harsh

President of Silver Mountain Construction LLC

“We were so thankful for the help of the VS team. They worked around our schedule and got us everywhere we needed to be. They are passionate about the work they do, knowledgeable about navigating Alaska, and just good people.”


— a satisfied customer —